Data Speed Issues with PWA in Adalo

Hey guys,

I am building a PWA for a hotel client using Adalo and had a few questions I hope you can help answer before I launch…

  1. Is it easy to publish and maintain a PWA using Adalo?

  2. Many people have posted about data speed issues…is this a problem on PWAs as well?

  3. Am I able to send push notifications with a PWA?

  4. What else should I know launching a PWA with Adalo or in general.

Thanks a lot in advance for your help. I am not a developer and just want to be sure before I sell this to my clients, I am setting up everything properly. Thanks

Hi @ryanb


  1. Yes it’s easy to maintain as long as you are comfortable building it.

  2. PWA relies more on the device the user is using the PWA from and their connection speed so you can run into some issues if they have a bad device / connection.

  3. No, you cannot, at least not natively, there is probably an API you can use to push some sort of notification to a user (email/text message at the very least)

  4. The other main thing you want to know about is that if the user visits the link for your PWA in a normal PC browser then they will see an emulated phone view, not a website.

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If you create the PWA as a “Desktop web app” you will not see the emulated phone view that Bobby stated.

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Awesome, thanks for the fast reply @Bobby and @Flawless , you gave some great feedback. I also have 2 more questions when you have time…

  1. With the new Geo-Location update, does this work on PWAs or only Native Apps? (I will be listing some locations on my PWA and would love to be able to guide users to these locations)

  2. I am looking to integrate a chatbot within my PWA and wanted to see if you guys had experience using something like ManyChat or Twilio right inside a PWA.

Thanks again for your help, I am really excited to launch this PWA for my clients and hope Adalo ends up being a good fit.

I believe it’s native only.

I do not, I just built chat into my apps and it seems to work fine.

It works with both

Here’s a tutorial on how to integrate Crisp chat. I use crisp use on my websites, desktop PWAs, and native apps. Adalo Fast live chat tutorial using for FREE - YouTube

Really?! I didn’t know that. I didn’t think it would be able to grab a location from a web device. Good to know!

Agreed. Pretty sweet. :slight_smile:

@Flawless @Bobby You guys are awesome, thanks for the feedback. Excited to get this app launched!


Good luck!

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