Is anyone having update issue with adalo

Is anyone else having problems with the PWA’s not updating today? None of my PWA apps are updating and show changes when I publish them.

My PWA app currently gets into a loop and crashes the browser. We’ll try browser gives up with it.

I copied a Native App that I am building into the Progressive App and it does not update when you make changes or anything. It is not working at all.

hi @Lynk did you use this option to publish the changes on you WPA?


I hope this works for you.


Yes, frequently.
Push notifications are hit & miss, then stopped working altogether. Investigated only to find that somehow the trigger for notifications had been deleted.

Obvs client was upset that I had to charge him to fix when neither of us had actually done anything.
Starting to give consideration to other platforms - shame really, Adalo could be so good with investment and a stable platform.

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