Data usage forecast

Hi Adalo Team!

I’m trying to forecast my data storage requirements. I’m on the Pro Plan, and I need to know an estimate for when I could expect to hit the 5GB cap. I’m happy to with pricing model to add capacity, all I need is more information for cost modeling.

It’d be useful to know how much I’m currently using. Haven’t been able to find that.

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I am with you on this one Martin. I am on the Pro Plan too but I’m not sure if I’ve reached the cap and there’s seemingly no way to find out.

We are working on making that clearer. Should have more info to share on that soon.


Great point, I want to charge out retainers to my clients based on data usage but I have no idea what this means in terms of cost to me.

Hi @Ben is there an update on this one?

I started my pro plan and i already have more than 2000 user with my current app, when i update to the new one how can i know if my 5GB is full or not !!
It is a problem to make me pay 50$ a month and there is no way to know if i exceeded the full storage space i have !! i dont want my users to lose data because its really gonna break my business apart.

@Ben any update for this topic ??

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Hi Ben. Any updates?

We’re still working on making this clearer. The key to your storage usage is files and photos your users upload. We hope to have this displayed in the Adalo editor soon.

This is important. I have no idea if I should update for not. Can I email support ant ask how much storage I am currently using?

You can submit a ticket here for this request: