App upgrade and storage

I would like to ask for help regarding these concerns. I’ve been trying to contact Adalo but I haven’t received any feedback until now.

  1. We just upgraded our plan to the Pro Plan. Is it possible to immediately upgrade it to the business plan, or do we need to wait for one month before we can make the upgrade?

  2. If we are planning to get additional storage, how much will be the rate for the 40gb, and how much for the 60gb?

  3. We would like to check if how much remaining storage do we have left in our plan. Where can we find the storage information in our Pro Plan?

  4. For the chat page, is there a limit when you reach a specific number of messages it will automatically delete the older messages? If not, is there an option that we can set a limit or delete messages as an admin/developer?

I hope someone can answer my questions. Thank you.

Hello, happy to help.

  1. You can upgrade now! You do not have to wait. Please send us a note ( when you do so.

  2. We are going to be updating our data limits in 2021, but as of now, the general rule of thumb is that it will be $10/GB over the limit. Although we can talk more about that in this lead up time to when we change those data limits.

  3. We can check this for you. We’d need an email address that the account is registered under to do that though.

  4. There is no limit and no the messages will never be automatically deleted by Adalo. There are most likely ways you can go about setting it up to delete messages periodically to save database room. Or you can just go in manually and delete every once and a while. Really up to you.

Thanks! I hope this helps.

@Alex, is that a typo … $10 per GB over the limit? Sounds high.

It is not a typo. We will be communicating more in regards to data storage though in the next month or two which will make things more clear for everyone as we iron this out

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Hi Alex, to answer question number 3, it is

Is there a chance that we can monitor and check the remaining storage we have without asking for help from the Adalo team? Is there a way we can check it on our end?

Thank You!

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Unfortunately there is not a way for you guys to do it… yet. That is something we will be making possible sooner rather than later.

But it looks like you guys have only used 0.2 GB so far.

Hope this helps.


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