Database cache issue? List is not updating new data, but then somehow shows the updates when the data in collection is saved, even without making any changes

Hi Adalo team,
First of all, great tool you have here, I’m lovin’ it.

I’m doing an app that accepts Orders that is grouped together in an Order Group, and for that Order Group I have a custom list aggregating information from its Orders.

I then added a new Order via form, then added actions on the submit button to generate a Transaction and to update the relationship data to the Order Group collection, which worked fine, everything went in each collections accordingly.


However, my Order Group list was not showing the updated count number. Tried refresh, re-login, use blank screen, and so on, but did not work. But the data was there, also showed in the Orders details screen. Wasted several days try to find how & why.

But here’s the funny part, yesterday I viewed the Order Group data where the new Order was created, but instead of going back, I clicked Save in the bottom right corner, without even changing anything.

Voila! it worked. The list was somehow refreshed with updated data.
Managed to recreate it several times, including for screenshot purpose.

Can somebody please be kind enough to explain what happened there? I’m really lost.
Is there cache on the database that is not updating or something else?
And is there anything I can do to navigate around this issue?
Please advice.

you fix it? same thing happeningto me

Hi everyone!

Same problem here, it seems that the updated data is changed in the actual db buuut… for this to actually “update” you need to manually SAVE the db row and then the changes show up correctly.

Visually in the app, the user cannot see this change, so there is the problem.

I think there is a cache issue to, someone with this problem out there?

lve this issue also on some Apps. For me it’s only on the PWA, Native seems ok. When I close the PWA and reopen, the new data is there. As you say, is it cache issue?

I´m having this issue in production android app :sob:

Hi everyone!

Any news about this? It’s happened constantly on my app (already in production), users complain a lot.
Hey @anon78309838, I don’t know if you can help with this issue. I think it was a only PWA problem but it’s not the case. iOS and Android have the same problem.

Any advise? Thanks!

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Hi everyone!

Please, someone here with any news about this??
This is a recurrent error in my app. I´m now at 3k active users and this is showing up more frequently.


I’m having the same issue. Are there any news on that?

Nope! Nobody reply to this…

I’ve send a ticket with video recording and images but they can’t recreate the problem on their side, so…
I’m now at 6k active users and the problem is getting worst.

If you find a solution, please let me know.
I keep you posted to.

Did you ticked the “Auto refresh option” in your list?

Hi Eugen!

This is not a LIST problem, is DB issue.
The user updates something in their account and (sometimes, not always) the data is not reflecting the change on the users side. Just on the users side, because if I take a look on the DB, the change is effectively there.

And… if I do a manual “SAVE” on the user DB… tadaa! the problem is solved haha.

This is an active app with 6k users on Android and iOS, not PWA.

I’m sorry, I didn’t read properly. I have to check inside all my apps but seems they are not affected by this issue.
I’ve also a chat app and database is working correctly.
Let me investigate about it :thinking:

Thanks for taking your time!

This is not happening all the time and I’m only aware of this because various users report the same issue.
And a few time I manage to recreate the issue with my user.

Let me know if I can help you with more info!