Anyone having problems with lists not updating all of a sudden?

It appears my lists have stopped updating when new items/users are added to the database. Everything was working fine yesterday and today none of my lists are not updating.

I can see the new items being added to the database so that is why I am confused.

It is periodic right now in Adalo. If you open the developer console you will probably see a bunch of 403 responses from the server (Forbidden) I am not sure if it Adalo making adjustments to the security system on the backend or something else.

Ahh I see.
I was just messing around with it and it’s happening when my list filter is set to
“current database-item’s - thing”

But when I do “all current database-items” and filter from there, they show.

Could this be a bug possibly?

I believe it is a bug related to some security features with relationship items. I needed to do what it sounds like you were doing. Instead of something like Current User > Items, I changed it to Items with a filter where Item > User > Email is equal to Current User email and it worked.