Database connection to Quickbooks

New to the platform.

If I build a pricing app or a price book, is there a way to connect the db to quickbooks?
This is for pricing updates and inventory management.

When you think about a contractor, as an example, they provide a service and use some parts. This is priced as a flat rate for a service. They combine the labor and the materials to come up with a price. Just like when you buy a refrigerator, they don’t separate the labor and materials on the price of the appliance. This is what we would say is an assembly.

So I’d like the db to be editable and updated and be able to tunnel to QB’s.

Is this possible?

And if I made the app, would the end-user of the app be able to create their own assemblies and build their price book on top of the app, versus creating their own adalo account?



Without diving in to the details of Quickbooks it’s hard to answer you question definitively.

However, what I believe you are asking would be covered through the use of External Collections, Custom Actions and Collections API.

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That you Colin!

I appreciate your response!!

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