Help with using Collection API Currency Converter for app

So I am trying to find a way to display different pricings in different currencies within my app’s pages. I am also using Stripe which can convert the price automatically I assume, but the prices for the different currencies are not converted in my app.

I was thinking of some how linking an api (google finance? if possible) to set up values within a database so I can use formulas to convert the price. Example: I do everything in CAD. So when I want to display the price for USD users, if they have the country selected as USA, the formula in a text will take my original price value, and multiply it by a value (0.7363006) via the api that has all the conversion rates.

Is this possible? If so how do I setup this collection as I have never worked with collection api’s/external collections before.

@Kino1, in what currency the original price is?

There isn’t a default/set price, it could be any amount.