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I have mobile app for job seekers and I have 2 databases for open jobs. One database is updated by employers and one database I update by myself.

Now the home page is showing +45 which is the number of open jobs from database which I update by myself. Is it possible to show the number of 2 databases? So when employers update their database the number changes.

you have to create a formula where you add the job total of the two databases. If you use two different applications, one for employees, one for customers, either you share the databases through Adalo, or in the customer application you call the employee database as an external database.

How I create that formula? They are both adalo databases.

Hi @roope257,

I guess you mean the total count of the database that you update and create + the total count of the database that employers update and create?

You can add a Text Component to the screen and add a Custom Formula like this :



Ex : The Groups count is 5


and the Articles count is 6


and the result is = 11! (5+6=11)

Thank you

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