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I am trying to create this cash inflow and outflow tracker, however I have doubts-

  1. Do I need to create 2 different database collections (1 for inflow and 1 for outflow ) or only 1 including both inflow and outflow field.
  2. if I create 2 different database how to show it as list sorting by date for mix both for inflow and outflow.
  3. Also, how to show updated balance after each transaction.

I am attaching a reference image. Please suggest.


Hi @Amit_K and welcome to the community :blush:,

Technically you can have 2 collections but having 1 collection would be optimal.

Did you check out the documentation concerning list filters? :point_down:

When a User updates their balance by inputting a transaction you can have a Action updating that record and applying a math function.

Hey @Devops,

Thank you very much for your suggestions.

I will try accordingly. Also below link is not working.
however is both the same?
Thank you,

Oups here’s the link:

I have tried it but I stuck on thing or 2.
I created one database

collection as screenshot.
I have created screens like below.

For sample I create one cash inflow and cash outflow entry and set up balance. For balance as i used formula sum of cashin-sum of cashflow.
but balance is picking total of all cashflow and inflow not till that particular time. Now I am not sure how should I go ahead to get accurate result .
I also tried to create action to update balance as you suggested but I did not find any proper option. I am not able to understand how to create and update the balance.
Any help would be appreciated.!!!


Hey Rae,

Sorry to bother you again. Can you please give me direction on the above as I am not able to find any tutorial or any other material to solve this.


I’m afraid It would be nearly impossible to have a tutorial for each use case :sweat:

Here’s a quick example (not perfect) of how you can solve your issue

1: This is my setup and collection fields

2: When a logged-in user submits a custom input field Cash+

3: When a logged-in user submits a custom input field Cash-

  1. Result

Hope that helps :blush:

Yes, it helps a lot…thank you very much.
I was trying to do this with form however its’ only doable with text input field and other. May I know why? what’s’ the difference between direct form or customization form?
Thank you, :grinning:

Happy that helped you out :blush:,

Well forms are for 90% uses cased and custom input fields followed by custom action gives you greater control for more “complex” data manipulation.

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