Database relationship, Please help :)

Hi All,

I’m trying to create simple application which is the task list for multi-user.

I test it with 2 user but the app display the same result. I really dont know how to make each user see their own progess.

When I logged in with USER A. I check 5 out of 10 task as completed and then I logged out.

I logged in with USER B. The task should be 0 completed and 10 pending task but the USER B also see the result from USER A.

I set database relationship between user and task as “Many to Many” but It doesnt work like I want it to be.

App link

Please Help, Many thanks.

Hi @Toey ,

At the list choose task collection and use filter like logged in user > tasks

This will show only task that are related to the user.

Hi Yongki,

Many thanks for your answer.

I might explain to you not clearly enough. I would like to use 10 task in the DB for all the user. I dont want to create 10 new task everytime there is a new user.

I tried your recommendation. USER A see all the task but USER B see nothing.

Please see these attached photos below.


Hi @Toey ,

I have made example app here,
User Tasks (

You can clone to see the inside.

So there are initial tasks which all users can see and there are tasks that are attached to certain user.

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Hi Yongki,

Thank you so much. Your example app is what I want. :grin: I cloned it and played with it.

However, I can’t replicate what you have done here. Could you please share the relationship between all three collections with me? :pleading_face:

I’m not sure if these are correct or not.

User & Task

Initial task & Task

many thanks :blush:

Dear Yongki,

I tried to replicate your app. The completed task seems to be working fine, but I wonder how you made the pending task disappear when the checkbox was pressed.

All I can see is that you chose the list as Initial task and filtered for All Initial tasks. So, what I understand is that the list will stay the same no matter what.

How did you make Pending Task go away when checked?

Yes, that is correct.

Put conditional visibility on the rectangle inside the initial task list, as my previous post.

Thank you so much Yongki, I missed this one. :smile:, You saved my day.

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