How to make each tasks list visible only by the user who created it?

Hi everyone!
I am building an app with a costum list and a form for users to create their tasks. The problem is that every task created by one user is visible by everyone.

how to make each tasks list visible only by the user who created it ?

any Help, thanks !


Hello, you must create a collection of users and a collection of tasks…

They must have a relationship: A user can have many tasks.

When the task is created it should be user>logged in user

When you put the list you must filter like this
tasks>logged in user task

that is, show me all the tasks but that they are from the logged in user

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Willfried what Santiago said! You need a One to Many relationship to store the creator and then you can filter the list.

Check this Template made by Adalo! : Clone To-Do List to Jumpstart Your No Code App

Hi @dilon_perera and @Santiago , thank you very much for your help and thank you for sharing your app clone.
(please note that wherever you see bill in the picture it is task instead. for some reason it is not updating the name)
I am trying to follow the steps mentioned in your advice but it is still not showing the expected result. please see the screenshots below.

Also, there is one part of the clone app that I do not understand. I can see that there is a property called “OWNER” that is not in the “USER’s” collection but has a relationship with the “TASKS” collection, how to do that?
please see picture below



For that change the name in the relationship property created on the Users collection.

Is it possible you to make this app as clonable and send it here or send it as a DM for me or give access for this email? ( To give access gear icon on left side in the editor > app access section > add this email : )

The Owner relationship property has created between the Tasks and Users collections. And it’s a One to Many relationship created between Tasks and Users collections.( first option on creating the relationship )

Thank you very much, guys. it works now! I really appreciate your help

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