Database table missing without doing anything

This is a weird bug, unfortunately I have no idea how to trace this since Adalo currently don’t have a versioning control.

last night before I went to sleep, I have added a video feature section on my app , with added video database and table.

the video section was fully functioning and I know it’s been save since I am adding content in the database.

but to my surprise today when I check again my adalo app there are alot database table missing.

but the screen and layouts I have created are intact only the database tables are missing.

cached files are still in the magic text so I assume it was accidentally deleted .

but I was not editing my apps the whole day until tonight when I checked it missing tables occur.

was there any error in the server last night or today?

and is there a way to restore my old tables?

here some of the screenshots of my old data missing

Hi @Biboy,

That’s weird :frowning:

I would suggest to submit a support ticket here:

As a side note: I’ve had similar issue once, but found the reason. I’ve had 2 editor windows opened, for two apps, which shared the same database. I was modifying DB in the 1st editor window (adding new collection, records, etc.). And then I did something in the 2nd editor window - and later discovered that all changes has been lost (probably for the reason that 2nd window over-wrote the changes).
So just in case - I’d advice to have only one editor window opened.

Best regards, Victor.

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hmm this might be also the cause since I am also working on a multiple tabs , probably adalo should have a feature soon that it can detect if the app is open on another browser, although the versioning will definitely fix this similar with the appsheet

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Hi @Biboy

Having 2+ editor windows for same app may result in unexpected behaviour, unfortunately.

There is a request for versioning here:
You may want to upvote it, so that it gains some more priority and that you’ll be notified when this feature is available.

Best regards, Victor.

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