Data from all my apps database disappeared. Very criticle issue

Hello, just 10 min before I see data disappeared from my all apps database. apps looks blank. Very critical issue. Please some one have a look.


Yes. Indeed.
On the status page is about Zapier Adalo Status
Maybe the disappearance is part of the recovering process…

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We’re on it! So sorry about this. We know exactly what the problem is and it should be fixed shortly.


Thanks @David. I can imagine that how hard your team working on it now.

But I am too worried about apps selling paid services and customer feedback on the situations. Similar issues are keep happening on the platform.

I am sure these kind of situation will immediately push the app brand value down and loss of customers.

definitely we need an immediate solution to display a meaning full message on the apps when this kind of situation happens which can hold customers and make them to comeback after sometime.

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Hey @iamharims I totally understand how important this is. It’s really tough on us when this happens as well because your success is our success. We don’t treat these problems lightly. We’re working as hard as we can right now. I’ll update you all as I know more.


OMG! My app’s database is deleted! I feel sick when my clients tells me to not use the app I create app…

Hey, @Nao_Oh all the data in the database is being backed up. This issue should be resolved soon. You can track the progress of this issue on the Adalo Status Page.

I know. I stop my app and announce “Sorry for not using app, because of database’s trouble” and add link like Adalo Status Page.

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I had an issue with the database earlier and I am curious if it’s connected…

I have 4 connected screens>
Industries> Specialties> Categories> Services
Each screen filtered the results from the previous screen in a list.
I could not get the filters to work. I couldn’t even get the option to show the filters when connecting the lists.

Please note, if it matters, that I didn’t seem to have an issue adding items to the database on that app. It wasn’t until I closed that app to open an app with the database connected that I saw the notice regarding the issue with the database.

Hey Everyone! All data is now loading in your apps again. We sincerely apologize for this happening. We know how much it affects you all and we’ll be having a meeting tomorrow to come up with a longer plan and post to further address this. Again, apologies for the downtime and thanks for building on Adalo.


Hi @David , it still doesn’t work for me… still nothing in my database (I checked in incognito mode too).
I will go to sleep, and check tomorrow morning again.

hey @mathieu! we’re looking into your specific app right now. we’ll let you know when it’s fixed.

Hi @David i have the same problem, all my data has disappeared. There is no data in my app.

@thonypa87 looking into yours as well

@mathieu @thonypa87 If you didn’t already you need to refresh the editor for all the changes to take place.

Thanks @James_App_Maker but I refreshed many times, but it didn’t work. But just now all my data is restored. Thanks @David and

No problem @thonypa87 ! thanks for making on Adalo!

Same for me all data from yesterday disappeared…

Thanks @David it’s fine, but it didn’t save the changes I made last night, just before the bug happened. I’ll have to start over … I don’t wait any longer, right?


the database seems to work again for some. Unfortunately, not for me. I have just checked it. Is there anything I can do on my end?

Already I logged out, refreshed, cleared the browser history. Still my data is gone and when I attempt to create a new record, I get the error message ‘email exists already’.

Thank you