Databases showing content across all user logins


I have a log in screen at the beginning of the user journey. Once the user is logged in, I have several pages where they are inputing data and then are able to view that data (i.e. a journal).

I set the relationships in each database so that a single user can have multiple entries.

What I am seeing is every time a new user adds a journal entry, it shows up when I am logged in. Is this just because I am an admin or can anyone see these entries when they are logged into their accounts?

Looking for some help!

Hi @lzane ,

In the list, choose filter, usually it will say something like current…>…

Don’t choose All… in filter.

I did this - and when I went to test it with my own account, any entry I created I now cannot view. Any suggestions?

I was able to fix this by going into the database itself and manually selecting my email address under the “User” Dropdown. I am wondering if there is something that I need to set up on the form input side so the user is recorded and added to the database when the form entry is submitted?

Update the relationship property with logged in user.

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Amazing - this worked. Thank you!

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