Blank screen with logged user

Hey! I’d like to know what I am doing wrong … Please! Somebody help me with! I just need to fix this and after that i’ll be able to share with clients!

Attached some prints that shows my problem…
After create databases > relationships > fill up database with info (include user’s exercises) > when i just need to print the list with exercises… Blank screen … no results =\

user relationship
exercicio - relationship - users

and a question!
If I change the name of the link (relationship)… could make an error?

To solve that problem do I need to recreate the databases ?

something i noticed is the “current user” do not appear only “All” and “Logged User”
I’ve tried to create another ‘test app’ and it worked… the filter…

is there anything i can try ?

The main app and the test one…

Why the option ‘‘current…’’ do not appear?! any idea?

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