Date Picker Crashing (maybe due to recent update?)

Hi @jessehaywood & Support Team

Date Picker is crashing. I’m experiencing for past 30 mins. Also multiple users reported the same.

I think maybe updates referenced in this changelog item is causing Date Picker to crash. But I could be wrong.

Please check and correct the issue. Date picker is critical.



I second this post.

Date Picker then next screen is white blank


All my screens using date picker do not work any more (blank screen). The dates in my database has moved from DD/MM/YYYY to MM/DD/YYYY during night !
I’m afraid something is wrong with new dates formats . Result : 20% of my app is down ! My customer will appreciate.
If anybody has information about that, or similar experience, please HELP !!!


Please submit a support ticket for this:

Hi, in addition to that bug, the format & language of that Date Picker is not adapting to my browser language/date settings anymore. I tested on chrome, Firefox & safari. Before the recent Bug Fix, all my users (here in Switzerland) would have the date picker format matching their browser settings, now it’s only in default EN-US. I submitted a ticket.

Screenshot 2022-03-01 at 12.50.12

Ticket submitted already but still waiting for an answer ….

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Thank you!

Tickets are responded to during office hours Monday through Friday 7:00-6:00 CST.

I also saw a thread about it in our company Slack, so I know they are aware.

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Thanks Jesse.

Yes I’m aware of normal steps to take to report bug. But I saw your changelog post, and bug-posts within a few hours of yours, so I made an educated guess that the problems in the same component could be due to update. Hence tagged you directly.

I haven’t submitted my ticket yet because I assumed that since everyone is facing the same issue there would be many such tickets for the same components from other users, and once the component troubleshooting is done all of us will be fine.

Since you shared that you’ve seen a company thread about this issue I anticipate this will be resolved.


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Hey Everyone!

The change was reverted and this should be resolved. If you are still experiencing this, please try clearing your cache and if it is not resolved feel free to submit a ticket and we will look into this as soon as possible.

Thanks for your patience!


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