Date Selector in a Form is causing screen to go blank

This just started happening this evening (related to the recent PWA web date selector fix?).

The app is running fine on mobile and web devices (we have a PWA). When you go to select a date and time as a part of a form, the screen goes blank.

Additionally, the app is not loading as a blank screen even after refreshing.

Is anyone else experiencing this? Trying to determine if it’s our app solely or an Adalo issue.

(For context, we did not update the forms and it’s happening on separate forms.)




I am experiencing the same thing. Super frustrating to my users.

Yeah. This is a big pain point.

We went ahead and removed all date/time selectors where we could. Some are running on external lists which are fine.

For any uses where we need date and time, we’ll reach out after they book orders.

Let me know if there’s any way we can support you along the way.

My whole app is a time tracker. Date is the critical input! I’ve been having all sorts of issues with form inputs over the past 6 months.

Adalo’s date pickers have been challenging and ever changing.

I’m seriously considering moving off platform.

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I’ve submitted a bug report / ticket. Suggest you do the same.

It is done! Submitted an hour or so ago.

I’m sorry — yes that’s incredibly frustrating. Hoping for the best. Otherwise, feel free to share what other platforms are looking good. (Always open as we’re scaling.)

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