Date Picker default value not linked to database field

Problem: When adding a Date Picker component on a database linked (ie EditOrder) screen, the Default Date component does not allow linking to an existing database field, the default value won’t show any poossibility to link to an existing datetime field on the database (ie Creation Date).

In this particular new blank screen is linked to a database when opened (Let’s say a workorder is selected in the previous screen and then calls this EditOrder screen), I can perfectly match other text input and dropdown menu components by using the Default Value and using the magic text to select the correct linkage to the database field.

Question: The problem is the Date Picker component does not have this feature. I checked and the same has been requested since 2020 and I would like to know if this will be solved or will be solved and if there are any work arounds to map a simple Date Picker component to a database field to enter data without using the default forms.

Adalo database
WO_creation date time field

Thank you.


Agreed this is a poor aspect to be missing.
I have worked around this by using a text box and styling it to look like a data picker within the rest of the form (has to be a custom form). Then clicking the text input links to a modal screen with the component "Calendar Strip’.

Calendar strip at least in PWA mode seems buggy, it shows the previous day to the one selected -though that it correctly updated in the table. Also it is a pain if the date you want is not within the next week, as it only shows a strip of 9 days.

It would be better for it to feel native and not require this workaround, please add the functionality to built in Date Picker Adalo.