Binding Image & Date Pickers Before Changing Them

Hi folks. I’m new to Adalo.

I have a database record with dates, a multi-line field and an image. I know I can use the form component but my issue with that is that the multi-line field only displays a few lines. So instead of using the form I’m binding the fields separately and using the image picker to change the image.

Is there a way to bind the image picker to an existing image from the database before replacing it? Similarly, is there a way to bind the date picker to an existing data from the database before selecting and replacing with a new date?

Thanks in advance.

Hi @rt_neri ,

As far as I’m aware ability to add a Default value for the Data Picker and Image Picker is not yet available!

You can add this as a feature request here :

Saw a request that you can vote : Upgrade to Date Picker | Voters | Adalo

Thank you

OK, thanks Dilon.

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