Date picker not resetting

I use a date picker in my library app, to record due dates.

The default value is “two days from now”. But sometimes an item can be borrowed for longer, hence the need for a date picker.

The problem is, whenever I change the date, that new date is retained until I change it again. Even if I logout and login, or exit the app altogether, the last date I entered is retained.

How do I set this field to reset?

FYI, the date picker field is not available in the list of components that can be reset to empty on screen load.

Someone please help!

Hi Michael,

As far as I’m aware there is no action to change the value of date picker, unfortunately. This would be a great feature request!

For now you can set a default date for the date picker! Adding the default date from magic text will be another great feature request ( a input , user > property , item > property )!


Thank you

I did try using a default date. The default date will work in 99% of my use cases.

But for those rare times when I need to change the due date (using the date picker) the new date becomes fixed. The date picker never changes back to the default date. It seems that the “default date” isn’t really a default date.

My biggest problem is that my store is closed on Sundays. My default borrowing period is 2 days. So if someone borrows something on Friday, the due date should be Monday instead of Sunday.

Someone else gave me a formula suggestion to handle that, but I haven’t been able to make it work yet.

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