How do I create "change input value" click action for date picker?

I have a kind of simple shopping cart that lets users add borrowed items to a list.

The user picks an item and clicks an “add item” button. This creates a record in my LibraryRecords collection. Then the user repeats until he’s finished adding items.

The due date to return items is “two days from today” which appears as the default value in a date picker input field on the “AddItems” screen.

But sometimes, the user will be allowed to choose a different due date (hence the need for the date picker field).

The problem is, I need the date picker field to reset back to default after each item is added.

I thought I could do this by creating a click action for the “add item” button, but the date picker input field doesn’t appear to be available there.

Regular text input fields are available. Is there something different about the date picker field? and does anyone know a way to reset the date picker field, either on click or on screen load?

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