Date/time picker is different in PWA and Testflight

Has anyone come across this before or is their a setting to change the date/time picker to how it is on PWA or is this how it is?

So the date/time picker pops up straight away in the PWA but in Testflight it has a some sort of small screen before which shows the date and time and then you have to click that and change then when you click off it goes back to that and then you click off again, it is a small change but it is annoying, the PWA version is preferable.

This is how it looks on Testlfight and then you have to click the date/time to open the calendar.

I would like it to go straight into calendar view rather than showing what it shows in the before image, any ideas on how to do this or is this just how it is?

Thanks for your help.

Hi Kasim,

Welcome to the Community! :partying_face:

I think this is the bug that the team is working on.

Please submit a support ticket.

Thanks for the help James, I will go ahead and submit a support ticket.

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