Day 1 - Notification Badge | 100 Days Adalo Video Challenge

Hiya Guys!

Just started the 100 Days Adalo Youtube Video Challenge.

So today was Day 1 and the topic of the video is “Notification Badges”
Here is the link to the video -
Do show some love guys! :heart:

To complete this crazzzy challenge, I need your help!
Suggest me what topics you want videos on :point_down:


Cool stuff. Perhaps it may be better to post all of this in the same forum topic as the announcement for this? That way it is easier to follow the journey and find other posts.

I think, you are right!
Will do that from tomorrow

This is cool!
Could you do a video on building a forum in an app like this one? With categories, like and reply options.
Also a tutorial for creating a settings page on an app.