Day to birthday app

I am building a “days to an event” countdown app.

Users enter 05-Jan-1975 as his birthday, the app is supposed to countdown to how many days are left before their next birthday on 05-Jan-2023

How to I extract day and month from the input (05-Jan-1975) and calculate the number of remaining days from today?

Thank you for the guidance.


I’ve created this functionality in my “Happy Birthday To Who?” app. I had to use hidden inputs on-screen that break down the date based on the month number and day number. You can put a default value into an input and then use that value to update another parameter. So for each birthday, I have a month number parameter, day number parameter, and birthday date parameter.

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Can you share a screenshot of what the formula looked like in one of the day and month extractor?

At a loss here.


Current Birthday > Date & Time (format = Month Number)

Update the month number parameter for the birthday to this input, so if the birthday is in April, it will display 4.

Then, on your lists, use that month number as a comparison to the current month with an input that has current time > month number:

If the first input is equal to the 2nd input, the birthdate falls in the same birth month.

Then do the same for days. 2 inputs that calculate the birthday day of the month and the current day of the month.

Use those as comparisons where the birth month is equal to the current month, and the birthday day number is equal to the current day. I have multiple lists on the home screen, based on when the birthday is approaching.

Thank you

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