Birthday age calculator

Can I view you current age from you birthday?

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Hi Yuri,

I just use this to enter my dates and it works as of now…
for birth date it can be “longer” to enter since user may need to come back to many many years.

so if it is not a must, it might be faster/simpler just to enter that in 3 fields

  • DD : 01
  • MM : 05
  • YY : 1950
    but then you only get a “rought” Age presicion : 2020-1950 = 70
    *but usualy this is fine enough for the App use.
    since it only uses + or - or /…it is very reliable for calculating !!!.
    *only for +/-18 (or 13 (kids)/ 21…) years Legal ages you would need a more precise Age calculating including month and Day …but not for other range of ages.

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