Deck Swiper: End of Deck

Hi All,

I’m using the really cool deck swiper component but have two issues when it comes to swiping past the last card.

The first issue is that the app crashes / I get a white screen after I swipe the last card. I’ve tried a few different things but without success (E.g. if there is no image, set it to show nothing, etc) I also thought it might be because there was no “End of Deck” option set, so I set this to launch a modal window informing the user all the cards had been swiped.

However, this caused the second issue in that the modal screen launched at the end of deck (and on screen load if the deck was empty) but also every time I pressed the back button anywhere in my app. I thought this might be a modal problem so linked to a different screen to if I could replicate… and I could, this other screen was loaded every time I click a back button.

Video here: End Of Deck - YouTube

  1. 00:17 - white screen / crash
  2. 00:29 - shows the link setup between End of Deck and the “Profile” screen and also briefly, the screen flows
  3. 00:53 - “End of deck” logic runs on screen load as there are no cards and I’m taken to the profile screen. (This is manageable)
  4. 01:05 - Press a back button, which does go back a screen but then launches the “Profile” screen again, even though there is no link to it.
  5. 01:29 - Show pressing the back button in a different part of the system which does go back a screen correctly but then launches the “Profile” screen again, even though there is no link to it.

If I remove the “Link” on end of deck logic, everything goes back to normal apart from the white screen crash which still exists.

Anybody else experience this or overcome it?

@yelkhayami FYI in case you’re already aware of this :blush:

hey @ChrisAndo88, thanks for the detailed report! You shouldn’t have to set an end of deck action to prevent that crash, it seems like a bug. I’ll try to replicate it, but if always happens on your end it would really help if you could share the console log output of the browser.

To open the developer console in Google Chrome, open the Chrome Menu in the upper-right-hand corner of the browser window and select More Tools > Developer Tools . You can also use the shortcut Option + ⌘ + J (on macOS), or Shift + CTRL + J (on Windows/Linux).

The console will either open up within your existing Chrome window, or in a new window. You may have to select the Console tab.

Then try to swipe the cards again, and see if some error shows up there. If it does, please share it here!



Hey Youssef (@yelkhayami),

No problem, your component is awesome! Thanks for making it free! Anyways, yep looks like a bug. Screenshot below. I cleared the console up to the point of the card deck loading on screen. I then swiped until there were no cards left and got the crash and the console errors below.

I hope this helps!! Let me know once it’s fixed and I can re-test. I’ll also show you my app to showcase how I’m using the deck swiper :slight_smile:

Thanks again

Also, because the error seems to reference actions, I thought you might like to know my setup (Screenshots below).

I have actions for left and right swipe but no actions for click and no actions for end of deck.


thanks @ChrisAndo88, i think i know the issue. I have some time this weekend to hopefully fix it. After that the adalo team will have to review the update, so expect something next week!


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