Deck swiper not working

Hi there, I was wondering why the deck swiper takes me to a blank screen if I swipe right on a user? Is there any way to fix this? Thanks.

Hi @MaxZ,

I saw that Mario ( @Flawless ) also posted the same issue in a different topic! Is this happening for you with the Deck Swiper that Mintflow created ( The Deck Swiper that in the Marketplace! ) or the Deck Swiper that Pragmaflow created or both?

Thank you

Yeah, I was experiencing the same issue. Unfortunately, the ticket was never resolved and closed. I have not been able to successfully use the deck swiper component.

I noticed that if the user doesn’t have an image it will do that for me too. After adding an image for each user, it worked again. Now it’s just not clicking. I’m using the PragmaFlow deck swiper

@abneld I think you are right! I just tried to swipe a user that has no image and I got the white screen. But only when I swipe that user to right!

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Check your user database i have notice an occasional bug where another user will be added to the database without and image and this has caused me the same problem. dont know if it helps but another issue i found with the swiper.

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