Deck Swiper with Audio Component

Is there away to embed the audio component with the deck swiper?

It would be great to have the deck display entries in a ‘playlist’ collection, the user plays them, then swipes left or right.


hey @JammStudiosQatar you can’t do that right now sadly, there isn’t a way to nest custom components inside of eachother.

a workaround might be using the image to display a fake album cover art or something, if you tap that you can use the ‘on card tap’ action to show a modal that has the plyr component inside of it to play the audio.

not as nice as an embedded solution but might give you some ideas

the embedded solution is what i’m looking for.

Is that something that will be possible in the future?

in the future maybe yes, when the adalo team makes it available for developers to create nested components (like custom list)

but for now, no simple answer. I might consider putting this in an update but I can’t promise when :slight_smile:

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