Default color of the notification bar does not match

Hi all!

I have built an Android application using Adalo. The ‘Preview’ and ‘Share’ experience through Adalo displays the products totally fine.

However, as I have started the QA/‘Internal Testing’ through the Google Play Console, I am seeing some slight variations between what is seen in Adalo (Preview/Share experience on mobile) versus what is actually seen in the beta app.

One major difference is that the color of the notification bar is white; whereas the app’s top navigation is purple. I would like to make it so that the notification bar color is also purple.

I have attached some screenshots and would appreciate any feedback!

Hey @amer,

You can try to play with the position of the top bar or Status Bar screen settings, but for me this looks like a bug. Adalo is WYSIWYG builder, so there should be no such inconsistencies.

Did you try submitting a ticket here Submit a Support Ticket?


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Thanks Victor! I have submitted a ticket and look forward to hearing from Adalo team.

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