White bar at the bottom on the screen

Hi. Whenever I create an app I get a white bar at the bottom of the screen on my iPhone XS. Is it a bug or am I doing something wrong?

Hi @billyberg, we are currently aware of this issue on Progressive Web Apps and are currently debugging this issue; however, if you publish to the Android or iOS app stores, this bug should not exist! :slight_smile:

Ok, now I know. Thanks!

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Hello @zachbharris,

Yes, I have same issue. We have published to playstore but still this issue exists on some bazzeless devices

@Anilspr888 do you happen to have the device and android version for the affected devices?

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There is no issue on standard devices like Samsung , Sony.

Issues on Xiaomi kind of devices.


Please find the attached screen shot.



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I also have this issue on Android. Huawei P20 lite to be precise .That is not on PWA but on the app store. Also the alignment is all wonky when in the app store. If you open up a modal it fixes the alignment then once you close the modal it reverts back.

Hi @zachbharris , since you changed the way the bottom looked, removing the white bar, the PWA display is broken on iPhones having the notch bar, like 11 Pro.

Here is an image showing how PWA is actually loaded, compared to the preview on your portal

So, no solution to this bug?
At present, the Adalo PWA cannot be used on any iPhone after X (we are talking about a large number of smartphones on the market).

@zachbharris I have same issue on Samsung S10 on Android only, PWA & iOS works fine, is there a fix for this?

Also noticed that while tab bar is moved up, header is too close to screen’s top, means icons and labels are almost mixed with devices time and network icons.

@Ben Hi Ben, any fix for this?