White bar at the bottom on the screen

Hi. Whenever I create an app I get a white bar at the bottom of the screen on my iPhone XS. Is it a bug or am I doing something wrong?

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Hi @billyberg, we are currently aware of this issue on Progressive Web Apps and are currently debugging this issue; however, if you publish to the Android or iOS app stores, this bug should not exist! :slight_smile:

Ok, now I know. Thanks!

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Hello @zachbharris,

Yes, I have same issue. We have published to playstore but still this issue exists on some bazzeless devices

@Anilspr888 do you happen to have the device and android version for the affected devices?

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There is no issue on standard devices like Samsung , Sony.

Issues on Xiaomi kind of devices.


Please find the attached screen shot.



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I also have this issue on Android. Huawei P20 lite to be precise .That is not on PWA but on the app store. Also the alignment is all wonky when in the app store. If you open up a modal it fixes the alignment then once you close the modal it reverts back.

Hi @zachbharris , since you changed the way the bottom looked, removing the white bar, the PWA display is broken on iPhones having the notch bar, like 11 Pro.

Here is an image showing how PWA is actually loaded, compared to the preview on your portal

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So, no solution to this bug?
At present, the Adalo PWA cannot be used on any iPhone after X (we are talking about a large number of smartphones on the market).

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@zachbharris I have same issue on Samsung S10 on Android only, PWA & iOS works fine, is there a fix for this?

Also noticed that while tab bar is moved up, header is too close to screen’s top, means icons and labels are almost mixed with devices time and network icons.

@Ben Hi Ben, any fix for this?

@zachbharris @Ben

I still facing this issue. Is there any solution for it?

I face on all android devices

It would great if we get some solution


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I also have the same problem…a soultion or update on when it would be enabled would be great.

No one to provide a solution at adalo ??? however the problem persists for a long time how to pass an application in production with bugs without patch. Too bad


Hey guys, we haven’t responded in a while because it’s been hard to reproduce this issue. If you’re still experiencing it, could you share your app share URL and the device(s) you’re seeing the issue on? We’ll do our best to fix it.

As a little background, I believe the original post was for a broader case that was solved, but it seems like other related issues have not been solved so we’d love to hear from you.

I have manged to get a work around with this issue. On your screen edit its style and set the status bar to none.This removes the white space and your icons will be perfectly aligned. Sadly it will hide your status bar but your bottom navigation will look better on devices like Hauwei, Xiaomi etc. I hope this helps

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I see status bar options as Auto, Black Text, White text or Hidden.

I don’t see None option

Could you please help

Hi Kcan,

I meant “Hidden” and not “None”. Hidden should do the trick. I have tested it myself and it works.

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@jeremy There is a huge space added to the icons below in the tab bar.

This is happening in our android devices (Vivo Z1 Pro, Redmi Note9 Pro Max, OnePlus 6T). Smaller display phones don’t have this issue.

Please let us know how this can be fixed. Its really impacting our release schedule.

@Colin - CCing you as well.

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Please make sure the component is aligned to the bottom of the screen. It will automatically “snap to grid” when it comes close.

This looks like it is not snapped to grid.