Default value for a dropdown entry

Hi everyone,

When I am creating a form, I want that some field with a dropdown list has a default value.
But it is not working.
The dropdown takes the list from a single collection.
Any help? Thanks in advance!

Hi, I am also looking for a workaround to fill the dropdown with a default value without the user interacting with it.

Do let me know if you’ve managed to find a way to do it.

Thank you!

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Hi @greco1899 , @EmilioRoqueta

Before the screen that shows dropdown menu, use a button that is capsulated with list, means make list of that button.

The list would be the same collection of the dropdown and filter would only result 1 record of the intended default value.


Hi @Yongki.

Thanks for the quick suggestion, it works if I make a list of a button.

However, I currently have a list of users and when I click into one user in the list, it directs me to update/edit that user, their role specifically. Please see the images below.

And in the drop down on the ‘Update User’ screen, I want to avoid allowing someone to update a user’s role to ‘Select’, effectively turning it into an empty value.

My current workaround is to prompt the person with a modal to confirm that they are updating the user’s role to “” (an empty value) and they can at least realise it is not right and cancel the operation or if they have selected a non-empty value, confirm the operation.

There are two suggestions that could help

  1. Use form instead of just dropdown, with form you can have dropdown as well and can be pre filled with value.
  2. Have another button/icon to just change the role (only the role) so your user can click cancel if they don’t want to change that.

Thanks again @Yongki, the form helps as I can set it as a required field!

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For others who find this thread useful can refer and vote for this Feature Request, which would be really useful in setting a user role and other fields.

e.g. As User A invites User B to join their Organisation, I would be able to set User B’s Organisation as User A’s Organisation through the add automatic field.

Creating a list of a button works if you have only one field, otherwise, you need multiple buttons of lists to set different fields to a default value.

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