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Hi, I have a question.
I am in the View where the users create the New Tasks, why if I am selecting a “Dropdown” menu and to that Dropdown menu I am telling it that I want the Status that I selected to appear in its Default Value, and it is assumed that when entering that View, the Value I selected as Default Value should appear …
Why when users enter the screen, the value that appears selected is “Select …” (which is the PLACEHOLDER) if I already configured the Default Value to be “Done” for example)?
If not, users must always click on the option manually so that it is assigned to them. Please help me because it is assumed that in the Default Value I already told you to automatically pull it as Default Value and yet it always appears As Default Value “Select …”
I already tried to delete the Placeholder but if I delete it, my functionality no longer executes it.
Is it Adalo’s mistake?

I have the same problem. Someone help me ?

If i’m understanding correctly, you are asking the select to show ‘selected status area’, but that’s a circular argument. The default can’t be the selected item, when the user hasn’t selected a choice yet.

Default value could be, for example, logged in user > STATUS TAREA, or current event > STATUS TAREA.

You need data available (either current data or logged in user data) on that screen, which can be used as a default.

Hi, yes but I already try it and doesnt choice me the Default Value.

Example 1:
I show you how I choose the Form Imput STATUS 1 with the objetive that selects the default value correctly.

Example 2:
I did it the solution that you gives me, Current Event>Status Tarea = Current Status Tarea, but it didn’t work for me, always tell me that the user has to selected previously and supossed to be a Default Value.

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