Defining events on Mixpanel

I’ve set up Mixpanel integration with my app but am having trouble parsing through the data as everything is sent in with a generic name (screenshot attached).

I’ve been able to create custom events to check if screen = “screen name” to do some work, but am still running into the following issues:

  • “Customizing” events – this was touched on with the advice of using Segment but I’m not sure how to set this up.
  • see specific/any information displayed on a page from lists – so seeing which item was clicked on in a list as right now we can only see the screen name which for our app is the same regardless of which item was clicked on in the list (asked in this post but no response)
  • Similar to “customizing” events, without being able to pass in specific data on what a user is doing when trying to look at funnels I’m stuck with events titled “Link” and “Change input value” (and so on - screenshot attached). I’m unable to click on the events and see any details of screen, so while we can see a few different funnels there’s no real helpful information coming from it. Does anyone know how to get more information with funnels or set up the events such that more information can be provided as the user goes through the app?

Any/all thoughts and advice welcome!

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