Can we define custome events with Mixpanel with frea plan Adalo?

Hi there!
I’m using Adalo free plan.
I set Mixpanel token to Adalo.
I can see some default events like creating user , creating DB records, user sign up, etc.
However, I want to know I can define custom events that is related to user actions in PWA.
For example, “question” Mixpanel events with question titles those values are set in creating DB records.

This is not currently possible, sorry.

The only way to customize your Mixpanel events will be to use custom actions with either Mixpanel or Segment. With Segment, you can send data to Mixpanel. I recommend looking into the documentation for Segment as you’ll be able to transfer any “events” from your app to multiple places if desired.

Hi. Thank you for the instruction! However, would you please tell me what does “Segment” point?

The data can be sent to wherever you’d like from it’s catalog of destinations. Here’s a list:

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