Delete items from database without user interaction

Hi everyone, I have a list showing only 3 items. These items are created from another database in which users vote for items and the 3 that receive the most votes are shown in the list that I want to delete after 24 hours. The voting process is always every 24 hours and only 3 items of all those that have been voted are shown. The problem is that I have configured to delete all the items in the list every 24 hours and so far everything works fine, but it happens that if users click on any of these 3 items they have the ability to delete them. It is not the intention that users with a click can delete them, the intention is that they delete themselves from the database 24 hours after they have been voted. Can anyone help me understand what may be happening?


I think a welcome loading screen (every time a user opens the app, this screen should come first then it’ll redirect to the home screen) with a countdown component as a list can do the job.

Don’t forget to apply visibility rule on list.


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