Different "Home" screen for mobile vs desktop?


I’m trying to build both a native mobile and desktop app for one company, but with 2 separate use-cases. Ideally I would like to have these 2 apps in the same project (they will share a database). Is there a way to set the “Home” screen to Home-PWA if a visitor is through a browser and Home-Native if the user is using the native app?

I can obviously do this by separating the projects, but was curious if this is possible within one Adalo project.

No, but I use countdowns and Lotties which redirects users automatically in the mobile or desktop home

Hello, if you want to publish your app as a web app, and if you only want to change the layout of the screen and not the whole screen, you can use the responsive design to display the same screen differently on multiple devices.

Thank you!

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