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I have a list of notifications displayed on a page of my application and I would like that by clicking on one of them, to have access to the page that I would indicate, a bit like with Trigger Notifications where you can indicate a page to access by clicking on it. However, I can only manage to add a link when clicking on an item. One item in the list would take me to the activity page, another to the user page etc… Is there a solution?

Collection Notifications :


List of notifications :

Hello, so as I understood, you would like to make multiple linking for each record clicked in the Notifications list, Right?

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Hi, I want to have my list of notification (i have this and it works) and each notification have its redirection for example :

  • Notif A → Redirect to Activity page
  • Notif B → Redirect to Activity page
  • Notif C → Redirect to User page
    I hope it’s clear

Yeah, sure, then please follow these steps, and it will be solved :

  • Create a true/false property inside the (Notifications) collection and call it “Activity Page Redirection”.
  • add two linking actions to the list which one of them should link to the activity page and the second one links to the user page.
  • Make the action of linking to activity page, sometimes available if (Current Notification => “Activity Page Redirection” is true.
    -Make the action of linking to user page, sometimes available if (Current Notification => “Activity Page Redirection” is false.

This way if you click on a notification, it will redirect you to the specific page of each Notification which is either “Activity page” or “User page”.

I hope i have solved your problem.
Thank you!

Thanks it helps a lot. Just to go further, if I want to have a third page which can be reach by a link in my notification page, am I stuck ?
Ex :

  • Notif A → Activity
  • Notif B → User
  • Notif C → Chat

You’re welcome! If you would like to have three actions, you need only to add 2 more true/false properties in the (Notification) collection and then add three actions to list, in which each action occurs if the true/false property related to it is true.

Thank you!

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