Link to specific element within the list

I have created a notification page on my app (social media).
The thing is, I wanted the let the user know that another user has commented on their post and when the user clicks on the notification, I would like the user to be linked directly to that specific post, not the entire list.
Does anybody know how to do this? When I create the “link” action, it only links to a certain page, not a specific element that is part of the link.

Thank you! :slight_smile:

Hi @carpediem,

You might try to build this with unique IDs for the posts. For each comment, include this ID into the notification, and then have a notification linked to a list of posts filtered by this ID (and as a result you will get the specific post).

It’s not a perfect solution, but with the absence of deep links it could be a possible workaround.

Best regards, Victor.

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