Different sizes - preview vs creator

Why size of the buttons is different on creator and preview? As on the screenshots

Hi @wojcikiewicz.d,

You display the count in another text component right? Do you have a space before adding the magic text? If it is delete that space and try.


Thank you

But I meant this yellow one sizes. This right one has different size on preview than in creator

If the text was long then rectangle set change the height. So if you have a space in your text component then rectangle changes the height. If you need that space then try off this setting in your text component or you need to stretch the component.

Multi line.

the text is ok. Still different sizes

And there is no space in the text :frowning:

Did you group the text and rectangle?


Yes, it is grouped. Look at the video. Still different sizes


I made this screen one more time and it works. Now the size from creator is same in preview

Glad you sorted it!

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