HELP - Change height for buttons and labels

Hi ! I would like to change the height of my buttons and my labels but i don’t know how ! Please, develop this fonction if you didn’t do already. Its fondamental to have a good UI app… @Ben
If anyone has the answer…

While buttons don’t let you modify it’s height, a great workaround is with the rectangle component. Place down a rectangle at whatever shape/size you want, place a text component in the center, then just group them together and treat it like a button. It’s a great workaround that also gives you some more flexibility than a typical button would.

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That’s what i did ! but for the form, you cannot do that @austinkthompson ! You cannot change the button of the submit as you want…

You can have individual Text Fields to create your own form inputt, with the custom rectangle component button on the bottom. Then set an Action when the rectangle component button is clicked to Update > “Selected Database”. This will pull up all properties for the collection. Then you select a property, click the Magic Text > Form Inputs, then select the text field that has the response for that property.


Hi all, just revisiting this for a moment, this is an ok workaround but when I adjust the screen size it looks awful, the buttons (grouped rectangles) all become different sizes… any other ideas?