Disable Android back button?

Just testing on my Android device and noticed that if I use the device back button it does some strange things like showing the modal screen again. Is there any way to disable the Android back action?

I have ACTION with Title Back button. And when user uses Android back button, ACTION is not executed. So can we either disable it or link it with Back button?

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This is a pretty small but significant issue (IMO).

I’ve tried to set up conditions where (when user visits the page - check if logged in or not).
What doesn’t work, is if the user is not logged in, you cant re-direct back to the log in screen.

And you cant have more than one link action (with conditions) on a button either.

It’s like they need “If” and “Else” statements in the conditions.


If, logged in = True, then: Do this.
Else: Do this instead.

In a nutshell what’s happening is…

When a user “logs out” (back to the log in screen).
User can click “back” in the app … showing the previous screen (not logged in).

I think a “Clear browser history” javascript function might work (as a custom action?),
but I really dont want to pay $50 a month to find out if this is the right way to do it …

there’s a lot of development to go, if there was a $20p/m option it wouldn’t be so bad … and Im sure you’d get more ppl signing up (that dont need to publish on the app stores).

Hope someone can help!

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We are working on a fix so that unauthenticated users are redirected to a welcome screen.


ah, that’s super kool thank you!

Is there a Bug (or something) ticket created on this issue? Since we all are still facing this issue and it’s really confusing for users (I’ve also created a ticket)

Hi @Deepakjain, I already answered this in the other topic (Native App working like a web app). Please don’t revive topics from 4 months ago for duplicate issues. Thanks