Need solution for Logout issue

We developed an application and installed on Android mobile.

Once user logged out and click on back button, redirecting to home page of application.

Is the any possible to resolve this issue?


Hi @Anilspr888 yes, we’re aware of that issue. We are working on a way of only allowing the back button to work if there is an actual back button on the screen. Do you think that would make sense?


Yes @jeremy .

Do we get time frame when we can expect this.


@jeremy could you please let us know when this can be resolved. It is blocking our app to publish it to playstore.


@jeremy we still face this issue. Is there any alternative solution for the same

Hi Anil, Is google not approving your app for this issues?

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Could you not make the items on the screen with the Logout button only visable to logged in users, and then add a button that is only shown to users who are NOT logged in that redirects them to the login screen? Not a complete fix, but could help.