Disable rotation on mobile app

Hey everyone,

There has to be a way to tell Adalo that I’m building a mobile app that I do not want to rotate to landscape view when I rotate my phone. Maybe it’s simple, but it’s driving me crazy.

Any ideas? I’m pulling my hair out.

Thank you!

Forgot to mention that I selected “mobile only” when I created the app.

Is this for native builds?
I would put in a support request for this. There used to be settings that could be applied by them. I had previously requested rotation. Seems now I don’t need to in future.

I guess this came with Adalo 2.0 at some point.

OK. Thank you. I will reach out to support!

Support told me there is no way to lock rotation in portrait view. Which is weird because I have already built two apps that are doing this.

Just wanted to add this note hear for others.

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I also confirm that there is no such option… the most obvious things are just not provided in Adalo ;(
Incidentally, we do not even know what is the roadmap of the new functions that will be implemented.

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