How to disable screen rotation?

Is it possible to disable screen rotation for mobile apps ?


What do you mean by screen rotation @Leo?

Do you mean the animated transition that occurs when going from one screen to another?

Hi @Colin,

Thanks for the reply.
I used the word “Screen Rotaion” for an action where the screen is optimized from portrait to landscape when the mobile device is tilted 90 degrees.
I would like to fix the layouts of application to portrait. Is it clear ?


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I am also interested to know if there is a way to prevent an app from rotating into landscape mode. I have ran into a few issues where the design brakes down when the screen is rotated. There are certain apps (such as Youtube) that will not let you rotate your phone into landscape mode.

Also, to build upon this, is there a way to preserve the app size so that it doesn’t stretch the entire width if viewed on a tablet? I’m not sure what the technical term for this is. I have downloaded some apps in the past that were built for a smart phone and when viewed on a tablet, it would essentially take up the same space as if it were a smart phone.


There’s not currently a way to prevent an app from switching to landscape when the phone is rotated, but you could submit this as a feature request at

To design your app screen components so that they don’t stretch the full-width of a tablet, you can actually make your screens the width of a tablet on in the Adalo editor, and then arrange the width of your components to be the appropriate size for tablet.

I already submitted a feature request like this last May:

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Thanks for the response, Ben! I didn’t think there was currently a way to disable the screen rotation. I think this is an important feature especially since when rotating the screen it throws the alignment of elements out of whack.

I think you would run into the same problem if you design an app for a tablet, where the app would not look correct when viewed on a phone. As far as I know, there isn’t a way to layout the same screen for different screen views. I’m guessing this will be fixed once the feature request to have the app be responsive to the screen size is completed. It looks like there are quite a few requests to make this feature happen.


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