Disable scroll bar in list

Hi everyone, is it please possible to disable a scroll bar? I’ve got a list of 1 record only and there is still scroll bar on the side but I’d like to get rid of that. Thanks.

i dont see - any built in options for that too…
Next…i would try with a single Text Field …or even Button Text if you sure you ll only have 1 records and the filters are able to return the right result…
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Have you set the max number of items to 1? Can you send a screen shot over of the list on the screen?

in my case …
With Max Num …sets from 1…to 4 it does disable it… :mechanical_arm:
(though the collection has more than 10 records)

…then when setting it to Max = 5…
it displays the scroll bar again
I guess it has to do with the List Height value you define… or such… :man_shrugging:

Where do I set it please?

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Thanks Colin! I managed to resolve that already :slight_smile:

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