List shows multiple rows of same data or doesn't allow me to scroll

Can’t figure out what is going on in these two scenarios:

  1. I add list and can scroll but shows the same items multiple times (appears 6x)
  • Page has tab at the bottom
  • Is there some type of setting to fix this so that the items in the database only show up 1x?
  1. Have a list but the data will not scroll at all (see 4 items for example but there are 6 in the database)
  • This page also has a tab at the bottom and a menu filter

Appreciate the help!

Can you add some screenshots?

Here is a loom of the issue for #1 >

I think this has something to to with the list size but I haven’t been able to find something that explains how this impacts things

@blazers Hi Jon, looks like you create a list within a list. Can you check the components of the screen and components of the list?

@blazers it does look like you may have multiple lists in the components. If you’re still struggling with this do you mind a loom video of the left slider with the components of the screen and also your list set up?

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