Display/offer products from third parties

Hi there!

Q1: is it possible to display/advertise products from ex: Amazon or Google?

Bit of context: I’m developing a product/app dedicated to teach how to perform DIY bike repairs, where in each individual repair page there should be the specific spare part(s) and tool(s) displayed accordingly.

If yes, how? Subsequent Q2: would I have to link the account on my app with the respective vendor?

It’s my first project on any no-code. So far so good, just this is becoming a stumbling block.

Thanks in advance. Happy new year. Stay safe and healthy.

If all you want to do is link to an item on Amazon, then yes. You would just create a button that shows and have that as a link action to a URL, that URL of course it the url to the Amazon webpage.

I’m not sure what your Q2 means.

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You need an amazon associates account for their affiliate program. Once you are on the program you can just choose the amazon product and you get an affiliate link for it.

So you can put products on your app and use your affiliate link to get commission.

I don’t use it myself and so you need to research a little about amazon associates and getting set up on there.

For Google I’m not so familiar-it seems a less suitable option if you just want to suggest products

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thank you both for your quick answers!

@Bobby : my second question is regarding the issue “how do transactions take place”. To keep it simple I would be happy to just let it run through a third-party. Ideally, at a later stage all transactions should happen on my app, so that I keep the users inside. Hope this makes sense?

@theadaloguy that makes sense.

If you want the transactions to happen on your app then you dont want to link to Amazon, then there would be no reason for them to buy it from you.

You just make a info page for that item and put all the info you want there, however it’s not going to natively update the prices and stock for you so that’s something you would have to keep an eye on or possibly fins some sort of stock API that could do that.

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