Assistance Creating App

Hello. I’m very new to creating apps and was hoping someone could help. I’m trying to create something similar to Uber Eats where users can select items from a store and add them to a cart. Is there a way to use the inventory from the store’s website and allow users to select items based off what’s in stock and add them to the app’s cart for checkout? Looking for help in doing this. Thanks.

Hi @mannah888, Do you mean you want a user to add an item to a cart from a storeowners page and for that item to be present at the checkout page, and for that purchase to reflect in the storeowners inventory? (i.e: 8 items turn to 7 items in inventory after a purchase?)

Hey there @Mannah888

It may be possible but it’s tough to say with such little information.

Does your current website offer API to be able to check the quantity you have in inventory?

Simply put… If so, then yes, you can use that. If not, then no, you can’t.

Hello. I’m trying to get the items that are selected from a website’s page, to be added to the checkout of the app. Is that possible? Otherwise, how could I possibly keep track of every store’s inventory and keep that updated manually?