'Display screen connections' keeps resetting

I turn off ‘Display screen connections’ (the little lines that show how each screen connects to others), but I can’t get that setting to stick.

Every time I log out and log back in, the setting is enabled again.

I find those lines annoying and unhelpful.

Is there any way to turn it off and keep it off?

I wish I could help because that sounds super annoying. I’ve turned mine off and thankfully they stay off.

On this note, the connections lines could actually be helpful if they were better implemented. For instance, by clicking on one it could highlight the components on either end that the link action is on, OR at least somehow provide that information. That would be incredible. As it stands, they’re just a functionally useless mess that makes working in the editor hard because they attract mouse clicks and break “deselecting” on a mouse click, or starting a click&drag.

Might be user error on my part, but Im finding the platform/editor to be as buggy if not buggier than the app Im building with it, heh. One of the bugs that keep making me really nervous is when a screen suddenly starts breaking data pass-through for a huge portion of the app if links are improperly set up. At this time, it’s incredibly hard to troubleshoot when that happens, and the screen connections could help if they gave more information or were more well executed.

Sorry to not be more help for ya on the issue your having… Maybe try a different browser? Im using Chrome and don’t have the problem.

Thanks for your input. Yea, I agree, the connection lines are not really helpful.

I think they might be more useful if they could work more like a flow chart or diagram. But right now, when I’m zoomed out and my whole app is visible, they just look like a spiderweb.

I did switch to Chrome a little while back, which gave be a better user experience overall, but I also think that’s when the line problem started.

No worries. It’s a minor problem. Thanks again.

You can hold SHIFT and press L to hide/show them quickly, makes it even less of a problem


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